Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Kayaking Season That Wasn't

At this time last year I had already taken a couple kayaking trips, this year not so much.  Three weeks ago while trying to install a steel door in my basement, the door fell on my foot.  It shattered my big toe and fractured the middle one.

So no kayaking for me anytime soon,  The doctor says I should be completely healed in three or four months.  I am hoping to get back in the kayak before that but for now I am not supposed to get it wet so Merrimack River water is definitely out of the question.

I probably won't be posting any trip reports anytime soon but will be living vicariously through the other kayaking bloggers out there.



  1. Hey Steve. Sorry to read about your accident! Why not join the followers at my kayak blog - I also follow PenobscotPaddles adventures!

  2. Steve, Hope your recovery goes well and your able to get back out on the Merrimack soon. Have you thought about wearing mukluk type boots with waterproof socks? My feet stay bone-dry when wearing them.

  3. Hey Al,

    I think I am still a month or so away from wearing footwear. The toe is still too tender. Thanks for the tip on waterproof socks, I am going to look into them.


  4. Sorry to hear that Steve. I'm sure your first paddle back on the water will be all the more sweeter when you get out there. I too (not for health reasons) am finding it hard to make time to get out on the water. I really want to go on a paddle this weekend!

  5. Best of luck in your recovery. Your blog is fantastic and I look forward to reading your trip reports when you return.

  6. So sorry to hear about your bad luck. But thank you very much for your blog. Last weekend we did the Shawsheen River trip between The K of C in Tewksbury and the Ballardvale dam in Andover. I believe you thought it took your group about 2 hours; we took twice as long, but in our defense, we stopped for lunch, collected a couple of bags of trash, and spent a lot of time just floating down the river listening to the birds. It was a great day. Your blog is a very useful source of information for our future trips. Thanks again.